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The Wave and Axis
Integration of Movemen
Mindful Eating Program for Professionals


This year marks the launch of the first generation of Movement Intelligence
professional Mindful Eating mentors program.
– Graduates of the 18-hour Part 1 program receive a letter of attendance.

– Upon completion of Part 2 — another 18 hours — along with a 12-hours Didactic,

for a total of 48 hours of instruction, graduates receive a Mindful Eating Mentor certificate,
and are able to coach individuals and groups.
It is essential that Participants of the program who wish to become Mindful Eating Mentors,
but who are not graduates of any of the Bones for life, walk for Life or Chairs programs,
are required to attend at least 20 hours of any Movement Intelligence program.
All Mindful Eating program graduates, at all levels, are warmly encouraged to practice right away
this material personally, as well as to share it with others, as part of their development
as a Movement Intelligence Mindful Eating Mentor.  
Please remember that the instructional materials for this program
are the intellectual property of Ruthy Alon, and that they should be presented under her name.

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